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The Pilates Method is a system of movement and exercise, developed in the 1920s by German physical therapist Joseph Pilates. His ambition was to create a set of exercises that work the body from the inside out, leading to a deep structural fitness as opposed to the superficial and cosmetic fitness often obtained by conventional fitness programmes.

Originally called Contrology, Pilates’ exercises are designed to strengthen the body's core by developing pelvic stability and abdominal control. By doing so, the body re-develops its natural foundation that is often hindered by poor posture and motor control issues resulting from modern day living, injury, illness or heredity. This concentration of work with the core (abdominals, lower back, and hip musculature) results in more fluid, efficient movements. Pilates builds coordination, strength and improves flexibility and joint mobility through slow, controlled movements and proper breathing. By combining elements of yoga, breath work, weight training and gymnastics, Pilates is a truly holistic form of exercise, which produces amazing results.

Born from the original techniques created by Joseph H. Pilates over 70 years ago, Equilibrium Pilates targets the individual clients’ specific needs, and dramatically improves posture, flexibility, balance, coordination and strength. It creates a body that appears long and lean, with toned thighs, shapely abdominals and a strong back. While Pilates original audience was professional dancers, it has grown to the general population. From recreational to professional sports, and into rehabilitation facilities world wide, Pilates is here to stay. Equilibrium Pilates offers a method of “healthy rehab” for all client postural/body types with a variety of objectives. Our trainers are well versed in proper Equilibrium Pilates exercise application based on timely assessments of the client, culminating in the most outstanding client results. Pilates himself was a developer, and revolutionary in his approach to fitness and exercise; Equilibrium embraces this pioneer spirit and continues to find ways to improve upon and enhance this amazing exercise method.
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